Thursday, January 30, 2014

Changing your mindset is a great place to start...

I use to complain all the time and blame outside stuff on my misery, until Nov 2012 when I started reading The Science of Getting Rich, then You Were Born to Be Rich almost a year later. Nov 2013 I was healed of the pain from FM and was able to get off all of my perscription medications. Since then, I have awakened/self realized, or whatever one choses to call it, and that has rocked my world. BUT before we get beyond 2012, I just wanted to share something I wrote back then:

There is HOPE but you MUST change your MINDSET!! You see, I created all my own misery and you are too - stop, stop right now and start thinking differently. No, it won't change over night but with time and practice, you will notice changes.

Be grateful exactly where you are, be happy exactly where you are, seek the good and the lesson out of what you are going through. I finally did :)

Reach out!! Reach out to someone you know or to me, I will help you but you have to be ready to help yourself. I have been through hell and back more than one time. I thought it was only suppose to happen once, NO it will happen over and over again but how you React to it and you Attitude and Actions will be what makes the difference.

One thing I learned: What was, was; What is, is; What will be, will be and you only have control over your Attitude & Actions!

This is true and is validated via the Law of Relativity as Bob Proctor stated in regards to "what is, is" and we have no control over it therefore we can only control our attitude about it.

I pray this reaches someone who needs this and that you do reach out and get help along your journey. If only I could go back and do some things different, If Only, but I can't and neither can you - so make a difference today - start over today!


  1. The mind is truly powerful. Our thoughts become reality. When we "consciously" create miracles happen!

    "Attitude & Actions" I love it!

    Thank you for sharing... I know that this will help someone who needs it. Like me... I needed to be reminded. Thank you for that <3

    1. Thank you Stacey! This is where I started so figured I should start my blog there for those who start this journey :)

  2. That is a great book, about changing your mindset.. our life is a reflection of what we think for sure, its so important to change the vibration to one of abundance health and happiness.. , like you say, its not an overnight change as we're undoing years, if not generations, of conditioning but its so worth it and we reap the rewards as we go, thanks for this, gonna reread that book again :)

  3. I'm glad you liked my post and thank you for commenting. Sarah Hawkins inspired me to start posting to my blog weekly and for that I am grateful. She is how I came to find you through your wonderful Self Love and Care books and the facebook pages you have created for us women to connect with other women. Thank you for being such a loving, wonderful woman :)

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words, delighted you found me .. It is great you started blogging, and I know its not easy to begin sharing our vulnerable selves with the world, but it is great once we start. Thank you for being a wonderful loving women also.. it is great to be sharing sacred space with you <3

  5. I so appreciate your wonderful self and words, thank you Caroline :)
    Yes, it is scary at first but then it seems we feel liberated and free to share...that is what I went through anyways.