Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Poop Balls...Small Spaces & Dogs

What are poop balls and why and I writing about them today?

Over this last week I have been finding, what I call poop balls, on my bed. The second time I found one I told my lil girly that if I find another one she was off the bed for the day...she has been a good girly...until today.

At first my egoic self wanted to get mad and angry, scream at and then kick (jj) the dog, but I remained calm after raising my voice to her and booted her outside. She is grounded to the floor - actually I let her be in the chair we happen to have been given...ergo she is very lucky we even have a chair in this space.

So, I picked it up, threw it in the toilet and just BUSTED OUT LAUGHING to myself!! I realized that this "was" (not is) my life! But "is" many other's lives or at least an aspect of it. Let me enlighten you folks - we drag around poop balls daily!! I mean really, think about it...when we have bad self talk whether directly or indirectly (about us or about our outside circumstance/situation) we ARE DROPPING POOP BALLS on ourselves!

When this hit me I was like, I gotta blog this! Do you keep finding or giving yourself poop balls? It has been so liberating and freeing to be rid of my poop balls, and you too can be rid of yours.

Yes, we live in a very small space with 2 dogs, the kids are grown and on their own, yea! But I am so very thankful, even when my ego may try to butt in, that I am no longer homeless or trying to fight winter in an RV, lol! When my ego arises to the occasion to belittle or judge I start blessing everything in sight, no matter what it looks like. I Am That. I love this statement as it reminds me who I really am and also brings my mind back to the present when it has wondered off.

My quest is to help you and touch peoples lives that resonate with me. Always go by your own intuition and with what resonates for you - best advice my teacher gave me.

Yall have a Blessed Day and Blessed Life :)

Here is a pic of me and my lil girly, Rosie, ok she is actually older but a small dog still, nonetheless.

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