Saturday, August 5, 2017

My Personal AstroReflections - Prenatal Eclipses being activated by August Lunar & Solar Eclipses

If you were born after the 8/6/71 LE & 8/20/71 SE and before the 1/16/72 SE, this month's eclipses may affect you if they are conjunct or opposite your Sun &/or Moon. Maybe even square or tine your luminaries, you will have to feel that for yourself. My Sun is trine to this SE & my progressed Mars is also trine it. I can honestly say that I've been feeling more courageous since July but that's not necessarily due to the up-coming SE. There are other factors astrologically as well as my own personal growth & healing over the last several years at play.

I'm not a professional astrologer but am a student of and I do other research using astrology. The prenatal eclipses I've only learned of recently. From what I've read most people are not affected by them. In reflecting back, I see that these ones this year will affect me as did the previous ones in 1998.

My prenatal lunar & solar eclipses are being activated this month by the transiting lunar and solar eclipses. The last time this area was activated fReligious in Aug of 1998. My dad & one of his co-workers were in the idea phase of a new start-up company for web design & development. The idea blossomed and the domain name for the company was registered in Dec 98.
In 1999 my dad & his partner asked me to come sell websites and that's what I did. This was my most fun & enjoyable job. I was very good at sales and later known as "the tenacious one" for landing the company seed money for another awesome project we were working on. That led the company being moved to Santa Clara, California. I stayed in Washington and worked from home until my 2nd husband was offered a job in Palo Alto. We then packed up and moved to Cali...only to return back home 3-4 months later (my husband wasn't ready for big city living & things at my dad's company were slowly starting to fall apart).

The company ended, it was a bad deal but life moved on...

So now, fast-forward to this month's eclipses, I'm excited for this opportunity presented before me. I've personally & spiritually grown leaps and bounds just in these last several years so I'm way more focused and see more than I did last time. If I had the wisdom I do now back then, I'd have intervened with what was going down with the company but I was very naive and shallow back in those days.
What I'm doing now is a lot of research, mostly astrological but also other research projects.

One area of research happens to be the U.S.A. chart around historical transits of Uranus. Another is around the Poles, Polar Expiditions and Astronomy - which includes looking at the ancient views of our universe. I also research spirituality/religion/pseudo-science and the like.

I've done a LOT of personal healing and desire to share with others - SE in my 3rd house communication/Leo creativity.

Areas of healing are:
Emotional Trauma
Mother (me)/Child (mine)

Maybe my sharing will help others in their own healing. I've made some huge mistakes that have impacted my children of which we are in the healing process, thankfully. I'm now a grandma and about to have my 2nd grandchild within a month.

So, I'd love to make a career out of my studies and research, maybe write a book or two someday, and/or other such ways of communicating with inspiration.

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